Build a Career with Creative Surfaces, Inc.

Build a Career with Creative Surfaces, Inc.

Installation and Electrical Technician

Creative Surfaces is a high-end manufacturer of all types of commercial casework, cabinetry, fixtures and countertops, as well as custom interior and exterior signage. Our signage caters to the casino industry supplying game cabinets and game specific signage. We are one of the top companies in the United States that manufactures and installs our own projects. 

We are looking for an experienced Electrical Technician to travel and install our signs in casinos through out the US. When not installing they will work in our production facilities as a Electrical Technician to evaluate, assemble and maintain electrical systems in equipment which are predominantly commercial signs. The Electrical Technician does not design electrical systems but will identify potential problems in design. To be successful as an electrical technician you should be able to read electrical system design plans and recommend improvements as well as calibrate instruments and diagnose faulty equipment. 

* Install signs on casino floors. Typically as part of a 2 man team
* Assembling, evaluating, testing and maintaining electrical or electronic wiring and equipment.
* Troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning equipment and apparatus. 


* At least 2 years experience as Electrical Technician. 
* Excellent problem-solving skills. 
* Experience operating hand and power tools, soldering and fault-testing equipment. 
* Ability to travel and drive company vehicles.


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